I taught a class on blogging today. One of my students may come read this.

Oops. You got your real life in my blog! You got your blog in my real life!

But in all seriousness, I had a great time doing my Intro to Blogging with WordPress series as part of my job at our county library. I’m so sad to be leaving next week for my new job at a neighboring county. 😦 But one does what one must. (Psst: They offered me full time.) Continue reading


We has domain.

Pssst! Just sticking my head in real quick to say… Sorry guys! The site was down for a while this afternoon while I was fighting with the technology fairies. But we’re back now, and SURPRISE! We have a domain! Still running and editing the blog via WordPress, but I went ahead and snagged the .net domain just cause I can. Wanted the .com, but through a series of events with which I will not regale you… we’re at .net for now. Suffice to say that sometimes (more often than I would like) technology just sort of hates me. Lol.

Don’t believe me? Ask the ColaWriMos about how I lost over 15,000 words from my NaNo novel from Scrivener last week.

In any case, here we are!

~ Laura