An Introduction

Hello friends,

I decided to move my now defunct writing blog to this new domain; trying to make myself a little more professional and all that. I’m working on a short story and still poking at my NaNo novel now and again, so hoping to have some content to share soon.

So I guess a quick introduction is in order, for those who didn’t follow me at the old blog (which will be pretty much everyone, because I was so bad about updating that blog I don’t think I ever gained more than 5 regular readers, but I digress). My name is Laura, I’m 27, and I work in a book store. I recently graduated from college about 5 years too late and am happy to, albeit belatedly, have finished that chapter of my life. Right now I’m applying for library assistant jobs and saving money for my Master’s Degree in Library Science. My dream job, aside from writing for a living, is to become a Children’s or Teen Services Librarian. The biggest joy I get out of my job at the book store right now is seeing all the young teens and kids who are so excited about reading. They are the best.

On the side I make jewelry which I sell in my Etsy shoppe here: and I sometimes travel to trade shows and geek conventions where I sell my goodies as well. I cosplay from time to time and get a lot of joy out of creating my own costumes to wear. I’m a hooper. I love hiking. And I’m a total coffee snob. Also cats. Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Until next time!