Short Stories Are Hard, Yo!

Greetings, people of the Internet!

Just breaking radio silence to let you all know, if you were not previously aware, writing short stories is approximately 7000 times more difficult than writing novels. Continue reading


True Love Waits – A blurb for my new novel project

I’m very happy with this blurb, so I wanted to share:

Patsy Godwin is a good Christian woman, but lately God has been testing her. She and Peter were having some marital problems, but that’s all behind them now. So is Peter’s bashed in skull. She should have seen it coming. He was too perfect. Too holy. Outwardly, he was the perfect Baptist preacher, protector of his small rural flock. But even the godliest of men is bound to have a flaw. Peter’s fatal flaw turned out to be fucking Patsy’s daughter in the tool shed one night after the Father/Daughter dance. Now Patsy’s got a taste for blood that can only be quenched with more murder.


This will certainly be something different from what I’m used to writing.