Book Club Monday – The Joy Luck Club pt. 1

Kicking off our first book club title, we have a modern classic by Amy Tan – The Joy Luck Club. Perhaps like me you’ve read it before and wish to read it again, or maybe you’re reading it for the first time. Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy it and check back for further discussion of the first 4 chapters next week. Below are a couple of discussion questions we can consider for next week. Feel free to post any responses you might have!

The Joy Luck Club – Discussion Questions

1. When and why was the Joy Luck Club formed? Why were the words “joy” and ” luck” included in the club’s name? What is the significance of these meetings? Do you have meetings/rituals with friends/family that are similar to this?
2. Why do the characters in THE JOY LUCK CLUB use stories to communicate rather than simply stating stating what they are thinking and feeling? What effect do the stories have on the listener in the story? What effect do they have on the reader?


Sunday Night Writers’ Chat #1

I’m just going to open up the writers’ chat super early tonight, and you guys can feel free to reply at your leisure. Or just grab some popcorn and watch. Or not. Whatever makes ya happy. Here is an extremely generic picture representing a chat room. Enjoy!

Tonight’s Discussion

CHARACTER NAMES. Do you agonize over them? Do you pick them randomly from a hat? How important is the naming process to you while crafting a story? Do all of your characters’ names have meaning, or no? Discuss.

My Response: Personally, I tend to agonize over the nuances of meaning in character names to a point. I usually make sure at least part of the name, either the first name or surname, has some underlying meaning hidden within it… And beyond that I just go with something that has a good “ring” to it. I’ll always prefer a good sound over meaning when it comes to a name, if something has great meaning but just doesn’t sound right together.

Looking forward to some responses! No responses makes me sad. Don’t make me sad!