Furiosa Cosplay Debut and DragonCon Recap

Hello friends!

This poor blog hasn’t been getting much attention lately, has it? Well, life is mostly good. DragonCon was… weird this year. I had a good time, even a great time, but I couldn’t help feeling like I didn’t actually DO much or SEE anyone. I had several friends in town fro Texas, California, and other far off places that I did not get to see at all and I still feel horrible about it. But between the awful cell phone service and wifi, it was almost impossible to get messages out — plus with the crowds, by the time you did get a message to someone it usually worked out like, “Hey, I’m in the Marriott now! Come meet me!” “…I just got back from the Marriott. I’m in the Hyatt now.” So that’s like, a 2 hour trip to get down the elevator and walk between one hotel to the other. It was nuts.

And to some degree it’s always been that way. I’ve been attending DCon pretty much every year for almost a decade, but something about this year was different. The crowds, especially on Saturday, were just overwhelming.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

Anyway, I know what you all wanna see so here’s Wonderwall. Furiosa cosplay pics under the cut:

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Cyber Monday sales worth checking out:

Little off our usual topic, but I did a little Cyber Monday shopping today. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite online shops with you all!

Yaya Han – Cosplay accessories for every need! Cat ears, angel, demon, and butterfly wings, fantasy horns, elf ears… You name it, she’s got it! Bronies, get all your MLP accessories here! Also for fans of Yaya, there are tons of signed photos in the shop, and she’s put out a 2013 cosplay calendar featuring some of her latest costumes! Also check out her main site for updates on appearances and cosplay galleries: YayaHan.com

Oh, and the code for 15% off everything in Yaya’s shop is “FOODCOMA2012.” Don’t forget to enter the code at checkout!

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