About the Author:

Laura’s favorite pastimes as a child were break dancing, making pterodactyl noises, and going on adventures with her cat. Not much has changed since then. Growing up in the country, she learned from an early age to make imagination her best friend – and subsequently spent way too much time talking to herself. Naturally, she would grow up to love writing stories. She sometimes refers to herself in the third person for the sake of author bios, which is justifiably awkward for some.

Laura lives in the Southeast US. She can be found on the web at her blog, on Twitter @lj_vaughn, and via email at ljvaughn@gmail.com.

What’s this Blog About?

I started this blog back in 2012, as a place to blog about writing and my own creative projects. It was hardly my first foray into blogging, as I have had some form of blog or website since sometime in the late 90’s when pre-teen me realized the Internet was a magical new wonderland full of equally awkward pre-teens that I could spend hours talking to about our favorite movies. (AIM, it was a thing.) Later, in the early days of LiveJournal and MySpace, things got really serious, and I started poking around with HTML, blogging, and extremely rudimentary web design. (Thanks, MS Paint!) Ahh, the good old days of Angelfire, GeoCities, and Netscape… when Yahoo was still cool and Google had yet to feel lucky… It was a simpler time.

Thanks to the slow but gradual passage of time and the reality of occasional server purges, much of my “body of work” (ahem, hack, choke, cough) from that time is now lost. So here we have the latest in my blogging adventures, and probably the one I’ve kept consistently for the longest period of time. And I think the reason for that is that I’ve allowed myself to be multi-topical here. This blog is about writing. But it’s not always about writing. Sometimes it’s about cosplay, artistry, travel, or current events that concern me, or… sometimes it’s about things that make me laugh. Pretty often it’s about what makes me laugh. I hope it makes you laugh too. Sometimes this blog is about a lot of different things. This blog is about life.

Aside from the occasional writing-related post, I also post a lot of book reviews, snippets of my own fiction, commentary of various things I find amusing, craft and cosplay updates (when I’m working on a thing), tech talk, and space exploration/science news. Basically op-ed’s on whatever interests me.

Other Places to Find Me?

Social Sites

You can find me intermittently on twitter @lj_vaughn, which I mostly use when I’m live tweeting something, on mobile, or traveling because it’s easy to update from my phone. And, uh… I have a Facebook too but no can has sorry lol

Gaming Spots

I play Cards Against the Federation, a Star Trek-themed deck of Cards Against Humanity, once or twice a week with other Trekkies at pretendyourxyzzy, an online CAH clone. Check the tag “CAF CREW” on Tumblr or message me for the link.

Play Heroes of the Storm with me at Battle.net! I’m terrible, LOL! Message me for my gamer handle. C:

Stay awesome, my friends!