Furiosa Cosplay Debut and DragonCon Recap

Hello friends!

This poor blog hasn’t been getting much attention lately, has it? Well, life is mostly good. DragonCon was… weird this year. I had a good time, even a great time, but I couldn’t help feeling like I didn’t actually DO much or SEE anyone. I had several friends in town fro Texas, California, and other far off places that I did not get to see at all and I still feel horrible about it. But between the awful cell phone service and wifi, it was almost impossible to get messages out — plus with the crowds, by the time you did get a message to someone it usually worked out like, “Hey, I’m in the Marriott now! Come meet me!” “…I just got back from the Marriott. I’m in the Hyatt now.” So that’s like, a 2 hour trip to get down the elevator and walk between one hotel to the other. It was nuts.

And to some degree it’s always been that way. I’ve been attending DCon pretty much every year for almost a decade, but something about this year was different. The crowds, especially on Saturday, were just overwhelming.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

Anyway, I know what you all wanna see so here’s Wonderwall. Furiosa cosplay pics under the cut:




We went to the Night At the Aquarium event at the Georgia Aquarium on Saturday night, where I walked in the costume contest (last photo above). It was really fun, and I’m glad we did it, but I think we might skip it next year. It took up so much time on Saturday that by the time we got back to the con, we were too tired to go out to all the parties. It wound up feeling like we weren’t even at the con on Saturday, which was weird.


My friend Matt also got picked to walk in the aquarium contest in his Cullen from Dragon Age! This was his first DCon ever and his first costume contest — he did great. 🙂


The Mad Max: Fury Road photoshoot on Sunday morning was INSANE. I don’t know if anyone ever got a complete headcount, but it was at least 100+ people.




A few more of me and my group ^^

Beat Down Boogie shot some video of me at the meetup too, so that should be posted soon. There have been several articles published about the Furiosa build and cosplay too, including one on Nerdist and Kotaku, so that’s been pretty cool! And naturally, huge thank you goes out to Overworld Designs and Freeside Atlanta for working with me on this build and helping to bring this costume to life!


This pic of me in my low-key Khan costume in someone’s Iron Throne is maybe one of my faves from this year, lol.


Actually, scratch that. THIS is definitely my fave pic from this year. xD Okay so a bunch of us thought it would be funny to “cosplay” as Yaya on Sunday night for a funny group pic — all of us in wigs and Black Milk Leggings posing with her in typical “Yaya” modeling poses — so we did it and it was hilarious. And then Linden photobombed everyone in this epic picture. xDDDD *I DED*


All the swag I bought this year. I’m not usually a big spender at DCon, I go more for the experience and costumes than I do to shop — plus I was super broke this year due to the hotel totally fucking up and overcharging me by accident. bUT THAT’S ANOTHER STORY ALTOGETHER.

But I did get my obligatory new patch to add to my nerdy vest, the Ares 1 patch from the upcoming film adaptation of Andy Weir’s book The Martian — which I am SUPER HYPE about. And I got a cute little Enterprise on a necklace, and DICE. We’re going to be starting a Mad Max themed D&D campaign soon, so I needed some dice.

Then I bought a squishy Twilight Sparkle blind bag toy because I had never seen these MLP toys before and my curiosity got the best of me, lol. She’s pretty cute, ngl.

These guys were HILARIOUS:


The Empire is attacking Cloud City! QUICK! SAVE THE ICE CREAM!!! xD




Lol, I look like such a dork in my tiara. xD

She was so sweet and looked like a freaking queen as always. I had met her previously at Megacon several years ago, but didn’t get a picture at the time, so I wanted to make that happen this time. I had just wandered down to the walk of fame to find out when/if she was going to be signing because there wasn’t really any information posted about it anywhere, and she just happened to be there and signing at the time, so I went ahead and went for it.



So that pretty much made my con.

And my other favorite photo from this year:


Me and Linden chillin’ in the same hotel Vice President Biden was staying in at the time. We were informed that he had found out about this party and wanted to come, but was NOT invited. xDDDD I lol’d.

If you follow me on Tumblr, there are more pics under my DragonCon tag there. I’m only sharing a few of my favorites in this post for the sake of brevity. 🙂

So all in all, a good DragonCon. I still feel bad about missing seeing so many people I wanted to see, especially those who traveled from so far away, but that’s always how it goes. The weekend goes by so quickly and it’s hard to coordinate anything. :C

Okay, well this post got super long, so I will have to make another post in the next couple of days about the DCon after party (which was super fun!) and other life stuff goings on.

Much love!

❤ Laura


2 thoughts on “Furiosa Cosplay Debut and DragonCon Recap

  1. Great read for me! My hubby and I check out the hotels every year and people watch. What a blast. This is even better to sit here and read your blog, check out your pic’s here at home, drinking my coffee. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Haha, that’s my approach to watching San Diego Comic Con coverage, Lennon! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you enjoyed my post!

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