I’m writing a thing and it doesn’t have a single spaceship in it.



So I started this thing about three weeks ago and it’s queer and contemporary and it’s not even remotely science fiction.

Which was kind of freaking me out at first.

Like, I write sci-fi and horror. That’s what I do. But while I was watching the Olympics I got really excited about figure skating because FIGURE SKATING and anyway I started typing and before I knew it I was writing a contemporary lesbian romance story about these rivals turned lovers figure skaters and what even am I doing with my life?

Anyway. It’s currently sitting at about 13k and I’ll probably be to 15k by the end of the night. (I took a break from it the last couple of weeks while I was out of town/working a lot, but aside from that break it’s been going at a fairly rapid pace, for me. I typically write super slow, guys.)

But anyway I just wanted to pop my head in to say, if you think you know your genre and you’re stuck in your genre and don’t want to write anything outside of that genre, you best watch yourself because you might be randomly inspired by something and the next thing you know you’ll be writing something COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED and that, my friends… is not a bad thing.

It’s a good thing.


Stay classy, my friends. <3333

Oh and PS if you see me use the hashtag #LesbosOnIce on Twitter, now you know what that’s about, LUL.


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