Time’s a Wastin’


How is it New Year’s? Like. When did that happen?

I feel like, the older you get, the more likely that is to happen – you wake up one day, you look around and go, what the fuck? How did I get here? As if the passage of time is a corkscrew inexorably speeding its way down the tub drain. Things get better, but things get faster too. They slip by before you have the time to enjoy them.

We waste so much of our time with worthless bullshit. Or at least I do.

Tumblr, TV, naps, Tumblr. Facebook. …Tumblr.

Anyway the point is I spend entirely too much time on Tumblr. That’s it; that’s the post.

No but seriously, time is absolutely without question the most precious thing we humans have, because it’s in short supply. Available for a limited time only, as it were. While supplies last. Act now for best selection. But unlike all those worthless products “As seen on TV” they aren’t making any more. The assembly lines have shut down, the factory has closed its doors. What you got is what you get. So better use it sparingly.

When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me that I should buy land someday because “they aren’t making any more” and while I think that’s definitely true – Sometimes I wish she’d warned me to hoard my time, use it productively, because not only are they not making more, but its quickly trickling away every day, every moment, every second – whether you plan to use it or not. It’s going, there’s no stopping it, so you better find a profitable way to use it – cause you’re gonna lose it. No matter what. It’s going. It’s up to you to decide where it will take you.

Or, ya know. Have a nap. Look at pics of Tom Hiddleston’s face for a couple hours. Whatever.

The important thing, I think, is the ability to recognize when you’re letting yourself get caught in a time suck and do something about it – not just feel bad about it. Feeling bad about wasting time is less productive than the actual time wasting.

My resolution for this year is to spend my time in ways that get me closer to the person I really want to be. That includes more writing, more art, more fitness, and more travel.

Suck it, 2013. You were kind of a dick.

See you on the flip side, friends!


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