YALLfest 2013

Ho man.

YALLfest was a total blast this year.

Saw Veronica Roth and Rae Carson speak at the keynote address:


Got some books signed…


And met some pretty cool cats…



tumblr_mw0ebpKJS81qdxrioo1_500My favorite panels? Probably “After the End” – all about dystopia, “Brave New Dark” – all about dark fantasy: (Tahereh Mafi, Ransom Riggs, Cinda Chima, Lev Grossman, Veronica Rossi, Kami Garcia, and Nancy Holder)

tumblr_mw0frdOPZL1qdxrioo1_500“Writing for Kids” – with Adam Gidwitz, Matthew Cody, and Pseudonymous Bosch had me ROLLING. Those guys are just so funny.

Oh and then there was the “Smack Down” closeout party where Libba Bray and her band Tiger Beat did this:

tumblr_mw2qxiVplN1qdxrioo1_500and this:

tumblr_mw2r02ahvB1qdxrioo1_500^ These are the “clones of David Levithan.” The band wrote a whole song poking fun at Levithan’s apparent ability to be everywhere at once – it seems like he’s at every festival and/or event, lol.

tumblr_mw2r3d9yOb1qdxrioo1_500^ One of the games they made the authors do was rewriting the song “Halo” by Beyoncé with lyrics about LOTR. It was the best thing.

In short, it was great! <3333

Now back to my NaNoWriMo WIP. z____z


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