In which I apologize for lack of updates, and apparently my brain is full of bees

Greetings fellow human inhabitants of the world wide web. Welcome to my black hole of non-writing, non-reading, non-stop craftstraveganza time.

So, I just got back from Momocon, an anime and sci-fi convention in Atlanta, Georgia, where I sold laser cat paintings and jewelry all weekend. Great times were had, and very little writing was done in the weeks leading up to the event, cause I had a lot of sparkly stuff to make. It happens. That being said, I’m pretty behind on writing and reading right now. According to Goodreads, I am 7 books behind schedule (SEVEN!) on my Goodreads Reading Challenge *weeping and gnashing of teeth*. I gotta get my butt in gear, you guys. Oh and add me on Goodreads if you like. That link goes to my profile.

Still working sporadically on True Love Waits, still liking it. The girls at NaNoPants writers’ group like it, so that’s good (CONSIDERING THEY BULLIED ME INTO THE WHOLE THING IN THE FIRST PLACE),  but I’m also rolling ideas around in my head for the sci-fi epic I’ve been trying to write for a year or so. Right now I’m listening to the audio book version of Michio Kaku’s Physics of the Future and that has been giving me all kinds of future feels.

I’ve been playing with this idea of a time-travely, first contacty type story with an unlikely heroine MC and a hivemind alien race… The aliens would not have a positive outlook on individual needs and personal goals…

“The essence of consciousness is selfishness. The moment an individual being becomes aware of their own existence, they become concerned with their own needs, their own wants, their own achievements. All other beings become secondary to the one. We have observed the fall of those species who have become individually sentient, and so we remain the All.”

So yeah. There’s that. But I’m kind of afraid people will just associate hivemind aliens with the Borg and these people are definitely not the Borg. I dunno. I like the idea of a really independent, self-aware space pirate lady teaming up with a hivemind alien who finds the human’s need to express her individual personality all very unsettling but also refreshing in a way? It’s all a jumble in my head right now but I’ll be giving it thought over the next weeks. Also continue working on murder by beehives. LOL, I have hives in both my novel concepts right now, you guys. Do I just have bees on the brain, or what?




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