A Post about Writing from Chuck Wendig, and Life Update

Pushing Past the Bullshit: A Post by Chuck Wendig about Writing

^ This guy is awesome and hilarious and extremely NSFW.

So this is me basically turning my blog into Tumblr and reblogging Chuck Wendig. Because this guy knows what’s up. In the post linked above, he outlines a plan to finish your novel in a year by writing only 350 words a day.

So there’s that. Hope you guys enjoy it. Dude’s funny as shit and full of Star Wars references, which I’m always in favor of. Look at that, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Suck on that, grammarians.

What’s new here? I’m writing a murder mystery, which is new for me. I mentioned it in a previous post. Also moved out of my parents’ house in early January. Yay?

Went on a writer’s retreat in late January, which was awesome. My friend Sara Taylor Woods wrote about it on her blog. Pics so you know it happened!

Climbed mountains, went hot-tubbin,’ drank a lot of wine, and oh yeah did some writing while there. Good times. Had a delightful Valentine’s Day with my honey, and am now plowing through the end of February trying to get this novel started. Only 5k in so far, and I’m struggling with POV and plotting issues. Mystery is new for me, and my usual approach of full on pantsing doesn’t seem to be cutting it. Trying a new approach and writing from the end back towards the beginning. Anywho, we’ll see how that goes.

Also in Jan/Feb I made everyone I know read The Fault in Our Stars. BOOM. JOB WELL DONE. Am currently re-reading it myself, and then I might be ready to do an actual book review. We’ll see.

Happy hump day, everyone! ❤


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