Cyber Monday sales worth checking out:

Little off our usual topic, but I did a little Cyber Monday shopping today. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite online shops with you all!

Yaya Han – Cosplay accessories for every need! Cat ears, angel, demon, and butterfly wings, fantasy horns, elf ears… You name it, she’s got it! Bronies, get all your MLP accessories here! Also for fans of Yaya, there are tons of signed photos in the shop, and she’s put out a 2013 cosplay calendar featuring some of her latest costumes! Also check out her main site for updates on appearances and cosplay galleries:

Oh, and the code for 15% off everything in Yaya’s shop is “FOODCOMA2012.” Don’t forget to enter the code at checkout!

JellyKoe – Makers of Wonky Dolls and Schlocksuckers Bizarro Zine: Creepy fun plushies! Nightmarishly fun art and whimsical creations of all sorts. 20% off everything on Cyber Monday! Use code “CYBERJELLY”

Catherinette Rings – Makers of kinda creepy, kinda cute steampunk jewelry. They also make necklaces and bracelets, but the rings are kinda their “thing.” My favorites are the ones with the eyes.

Black Milk Clothing – Indie label for leggings, dresses, and all things spandex. Unfortunately they are based in Australia, so if you’re in the Eastern Hemisphere this sale has already been going on for a while and they’re sold out of a lot. :[ I should have made this post earlier. Oops. But! They have free shipping for the rest of the month, so that’s still a pretty good deal? Just beware of potential customs charges! If you’re in the US and keep your order under 200 $AUS, consensus seems to be you’ll usually get out with no customs.

(Yes, I did buy those zombie leggings, and no I am not the least bit sorry.)

Lush Cosmetics – How do I even begin to explain how amazing this company is? Every product is handmade and potted, and they put a picture of the person who made it on the bottle. Incredible products, everything smells amazing. My must haves include the 9 to 5 makeup remover and cleanser, Vanishing Cream moisturizer (I have very acne prone skin so a moisturizer that won’t make me oily? YES PLEASE). Any order over $100 this week qualifies for free shipping and a $10 gift card.

[EDIT] Ooh! One more! My Drunk Kitchen is doing 20% off today with code “CYBERFUNDAY”

Those are the ones that come to my mind… If any of you have the scoop on some good sales, please feel free to share in the comments!

In writerly news, I’m still in kind of a slump with my NaNo novel. I hit 50k on the 17th (yay?) but it’s nowhere close to finished. And now, over a week later, I’m still sitting pretty at 57k. I just… bleh. It’s been rough.

Hope everyone is having a good Monday and here’s wishing you all a fantastic week! ❤


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