October 22 and already 5k in…

So we’re still over a week away from November, and I’m about 5000 words into my NaNo novel.


I regret nothing.

PS: Obviously, I’m not counting any of this as part of my 50k, but the novel has begun. And so far, it’s hilarious. I’m enjoying it anyway, even if no one else does. *shrug*

Have any other WriMos out there already started their novels? Or have an idea what you’re going to write at least?


8 thoughts on “October 22 and already 5k in…

  1. I started mine several months ago, then put it down for a while. Writing the second draft of my work-in-progress will be my focus during NaNoWriMo. I know there’s 2 schools of thought regarding this; one school says you should start from scratch, the other says there’s no law against writing 50K words for a WIP.

    I like breaking the rules.

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