I’m alive! Also new job and new stories to come.

My last post to this blog was entered on June 25th, almost a month ago. And I started off so well! Ah, the best laid plans. But, as usual, I have a myriad of good excuses for my lack of writing and posting.

Later this week I will be starting a new job. I am very excited about this! There are, however, some cons. It is part time, and it is a 30 minute commute one way. So, there’s that. I had initially interviewed for a position at a different branch which is closer to me. But of the two positions available, this is the one I was offered, and you’ll get no complaints from me. I get so nervous during interviews, and I honestly wasn’t sure how well I had done. But after a couple of days of anxious waiting, I got the call informing me that, yay! I’m hired! So, anyway. That probably had a lot to do with my lack of updates this month. Job hunting and interviewing is a lot of work. Not to mention I still have my current job to go to every day.

Anyway, starting next week I will be the new Library Assistant to the Reference Department at a local branch of the county public library. I’ll be one step closer to achieving my dream of a career as a librarian. Cue the sexy librarian jokessss… now.

As for my dreams of becoming a writer, not so much. I have been super slacking lately on the writing front. I guess when you’re looking for work and pursuing so many different things at once it is hard just to find the time to sit down and write. This has always been my problem when it comes to writing. I lack BICT, Butt In Chair Time, that is. I’m just so full of energy I have to get up, run around the house, do the dishes, clean up here and there, go outside and hoop for a bit, run to the gym… Anything to get me up and moving and NOT sitting behind my computer writing. And even if I am in front of the computer, that temptation to check Facebook and Twitter or play a quick match of Words with Friends? It’s powerful. But I know that I’ll ultimately end up just wasting time there, so I have to know when to say enough is enough.

Keeping a notebook has definitely been helping. I carry it around in my apron at work and if an idea occurs to me, I jot it down on the spot. I keep it next to my bed at night and when I wake up from a particularly affecting dream, or a bit of dialogue floats through my head, I write it down. It’s good to have that always there, so I don’t forget things.

Right now I am beginning to work on a short story idea for the August edition of Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s a retelling of the original Little Mermaid story by Hans Christian Andersen. In this modern-day version of the fairy tale, the mermaid is a merman, a young teenage boy who is somewhat morbidly fascinated with the human world above. I say morbidly so, because he sees humans as in many ways disgusting creatures, but as he learns more about them, he finds them more and more compelling. They intrigue him. Of course one day he ventures too far into the human world, and thus our adventure ensues. I started toying around with intro scenes a bit last week, and I’m liking it so far. It’s nice not to be writing hardcore sci-fi for once. Here’s a snippet of what I have so far – an opening scene depicting the day-to-day for our female protagonist, Miss Elizabeth Rockefeller.

In the street 47 stories below, she could hear the sounds of the city. Cars laying on their horns, the occasional police siren, and a general hum of activity could be heard rising up from the depths of the urban landscape. It was her white noise. She loved it. She sighed into her pillow, drinking in the beauty of the moment. It was prematurely interrupted by the sound of her bedroom door being swished open and footsteps approaching on the hardwood floor.

“Lizzie. Lizzie, dear! It’s time to get up!” A tall figure in a black blazer and dress slacks bustled from one window to the next, throwing back the drapes and letting in more sunshine.

“Moooommm…” Elizabeth moaned from under the covers and rolled over into her pillow. “I have five minutes!”

“You have zero minutes; your clock is slow.”

“Um, no. It’s not. It’s set to the International… Whatever. It’s a cell phone.”

“We have a full day today. Now get up, Lizzie. Godiva needs her walk.”

Accepting defeat, Elizabeth heaved a sigh and threw back the covers. A pretty Greyhound wearing a chocolate brown collar set with rhinestones pranced into the room through the door Elizabeth’s mother had left open, and tilted its head to one side in greeting.

“Morning, Godiva. You ready for your walk?”

Lady Godiva let out a pitiful little whine and danced on her paws.

If you want to friend/message me on the Camp NaNo site during August, my page is here: PrimordialAstronaut

PS: Also trying a new WordPress theme. What do you think?

Until next time!


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