John Green Addiction

So I’m currently on a major John Green kick. I initially became aware of him through his Youtube projects that he co-writes with his brother Hank and a whole team of awesome people who work hard every week to give us amazing content like:

VlogBrothers – Weekly Vlogs from Hank and John Green

CrashCourse – Educational Shorts on World History (with John) and Biology (with Hank) Topics

SciShow – News and Goings on in the world of SCIENCE

So anyway. Both Hank and John are awesome bros. After John blogged about his newest book The Fault in Our Stars, I of course had to check out his novels. Come to find out; all of his books are Teen Fiction, my favorite! So I spent the last week flying through his novels. My plan is to do a weekly book review post; so I’ll definitely do full reviews on these at some point, but for now let’s just say that all of his books are both awesome and incredibly sad, but also hopeful. Teen lit at it’s finest, if you ask me. So go to your local bookstore and ask for John Green!

Until next time, and as we say in Nerdfighteria, DON’T FORGET TO BE AWESOME!

~ Laura


3 thoughts on “John Green Addiction

    • That’s actually the one I haven’t read yet. I’m almost done with An Abundance of Katherines, and then Paper Towns is the last one I have to read. I’ll let you know what I thought of it after I read it! I have to say, The Fault in Our Stars was his first one I read, and it is so far my favorite.

  1. I’ve only read Looking for Alaska and since I didn’t really love that book I haven’t tried any others. However, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Fault of Our Stars so I may have to read that one!

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