The virtues of keeping a notebook

Hello friends,

So, I’m usually a typing writer. That is, I don’t like writing by hand. Now, I know some writers prefer to write by hand for various reasons. It prevents a lot of computer-related distractions like the Internet, or gaming, or IM, or whatever.  And that’s all well and good. But here’s the thing. I have 1) REALLY BAD HAND WRITING and 2) Chronic wrist pain that seems to flair up after long boughts of hand-writing far worse than it does after long boughts of typing. I tend to bear down unnecessarily hard when I write by hand, and I’m sure that has something to do with it. Also 3) I type about 9697363 times faster than I write by hand. But, despite all these very valid reasons for a preference to typing over handwriting, I have finally accepted the fact that I need to start keeping a handwritten journal.

Why so, you say? Well, because my memory is probably only slightly worse than my handwriting. And, as we all know, your best ideas generally pop into your head while NOT sitting in front of your computer with Word open. Like say, I’ll be driving in my car, or at work, or in the shower (my best ideas tend to come to be in the shower actually) and suddenly some bit of dialogue or idea just pops into your head, and you’re like CRAP I GOTTA WRITE THAT DOWN but by the time you’re at the computer again you’re on Youtube like, “LOL THAT CAT IS SITTING IN A BOWL; THAT’S SILLY.” and you’ve totally forgotten what you were going to write down. This is where your handy dandy notebook comes in.

I’ve recently started keeping two notebooks for writing ideas – A larger steno book at my desk, and also a smaller journal that is small enough to slip into my apron at work and carry with me everywhere. I’m stupidly OCD about writing as neatly as possible, even for throwaway notes… So I like writing in the larger book at home because it’s big enough for me to write pretty in. The smaller one is for those situations where I need something tiny and portable, and just have to accept the fact that it ain’t gonna be pretty.

So there you have it. The virtues of keeping a handwritten notebook. I’ve only been keeping these for about a week, and already I’m seeing the benefits in my writing. So go out and get one today! You’ll be glad you did!

Until next time.


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